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Dezember 2017
Training Data
Dezember 2017
Autonomous Vehicles
November 2017
Jan Kott
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Collaboration Solutions

Guiding your team to focus on important work isn’t easy. Their time is consumed with reading email, searching for information and frequent interruptions. What if there was an easier way for you and your team to get focused?

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Real Result

With Sharix IoT, millions of sensors deliver volumes of data that transform businesses. From digital twins to connected cars, cognitive IoT helps you do your best work.

Sharix Analytics

Enjoy the benefits of advanced analytics without the complexity. Discover relationships. Test correlations. Develop outlooks that can guide you to your next great achievement. Search for insights in your own voice and instantly get answers.

Image Annotation

A suite of tools tailor-made for building high-quality datasets for computer vision models.

Text Analysis

Build datasets for your natural language models at scale.

Content Moderation

Keep your website and forums clean with near real-time moderation services.

Data Collection

Leverage thousands of humans to collect data off the web.

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